Alison R. Frand, Principal Investigator
Alison R. Frand, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Dr. Frand joined the Department of Biological Chemistry in the School of Medicine at UCLA in 2007. She began studying the molting cycle of C. elegans as a post-doctoral research fellow in Gary Ruvkun’s lab at Harvard Medical School. As a graduate student in Chris Kaiser’s lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she characterized the major, conserved pathway for protein disulfide bond formation in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) of yeast. Alison earned her bachelor degree from Cornell University, where she worked in Tom Fox’s lab.


Trisha Chong, Technician
Trisha Chong, Technician
Hannah Maul-Newby, Technician
Hannah Maul-Newby, Technician
Sophie Katz, Graduate Student
Sophie Katz, Graduate Student
Ruhi Ali, Graduate Student
Ruhi Ali, Graduate Student


Frand Lab Alumni

Vijaykumar Meli, Ph.D. Research Fellow
Vijaykumar Meli, Ph.D.
Beatriz Osuna,Lab Technician
Beatriz Osuna, B.S.
Graduate Student at UCSF
Gabriela C. Monsalve, Graduate Student
Gabriela C. Monsalve, Ph.D.
Post-doc at UCSF
Brandon Berg, Undergraduate Student
Brandon Berg, B.S.
Graduate Student in Physics
University of Michigan
Emel Kasgarli, College of Medicine, University of Florida
Emel Kasgarli, B.S.
University of Florida Medical School
Naxiely Mercado
Naxiely Mercado Cortez
UCLA, Class of 2017